Can 5 simple steps really make a crazy life simpler?

I’m pretty skeptical. For all of those who don’t know me (and those of you who do can testify) I BRING the drama. It’s horrible. I stress about the little things, I cry, I am my grandmother to a T. Life at 24 is not this hard; I know this. So as going back to school approaches I have not only decided I want to be physically healthier but that I need to get mentally healthier as well. That means facing my fears, realizing that shit happens and guess what, you get over it. But can these 5 steps really help?

Currently I am working as a recruiter for a technology staffing firm based in Philadelphia. Ironically my job is to be a life coach; to people my father’s age. Many people don’t realize that recruiters are life coaches BUT when you get that 45-year-old man on the other end of the line crying because he was just laid off from the same job he had since college and doesn’t know how he is going to put food on the table let alone pay for his kids college….enter the 24-year-old life coach….

So at work, since I clearly don’t have enough experience to give advice to people out there, I turn to websites that write great articles that offer tips and tricks about job searching. with that subscription come a daily “self-help” email. and in true Carrie Bradshaw fashion “it lead me to thinking”- can these 5 steps really jump-start my path to a more relaxed out look?

I have attached the link to’s article to save myself some time in explaining what each step actually is and how it can be done.

Over the next month with moving and starting school I am going to try my darndest at each of these things.

1. Clean the clutter This is going to be HARD! my last few Facebook posts included things like “how do I have this much crap” and “why do i have so many clothes” So unpacking in VA means if I haven’t used or seen it in 6 months its going to good will.

2. Cut out negative relationships this shouldn’t be too hard considering I moving to a place where I don’t know anyone and if my past doesn’t reach out to me I’m not going to touch it either.

3. Automate what you can- I am so attached to my phone and to social networking that this shouldn’t be hard either. Plus my school is giving me a mac book pro and an iPhone…so this will surely help me juggle class, studying, a part-time job and yoga three times a week…Don’t worry I’ve done this before

4. Live within your means- Lets face it I’m 24 and want the fancy car the red bottom shoes and well the big sunglasses. But in reality a very small budget is not going to allow this AT ALL. Maybe cutting coupons and thrift shopping will be my new hobbies??

5. Learn to say no- this also should not be a problem for me. I am going to school for a reason and on my own this time (daddy’s wallet is not a phone call away any more) so if I need sleep or cannot afford to go to the bar I will have no issues saying no…

Over the next month through out my posts about other things I will follow-up on my progress. 🙂 I’ll let you know if these steps will help with your own stress management.


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