Technology- Friend or foe in a 20something’s dating life?

It’s no secret: social networking and forever advancing technology are changing the way all relationship are conducted in today’s world. Which, if you ask me makes the dating scene for a 20something just plain horrible. We have taking all chance of dating advice from our parents and thrown it out the window (i mean i had to teach my mother that there is actually a space bar for text messages). Now you don’t even have to get to know anyone on the first few dates because if they have a public profile on Facebook and update twitter all the time you already know almost everything about them,

“Given all the information about a person online- from their Facebook profiles to Twitter updates Brown said technology leapfrogs couples three months and has made the blind date practically obsolute.”-Heussner, Ki Mae (


ok , so you have gotten past the first three dates, and speed past the first three months in record time due to for Facebook stalking at work, now how do you keep this relationship you have once you are in it?

Let be honest here, how many of us have gotten pissed off or angry about Facebook posts, your boyfriend “Friending” girls you don’t know etc? DON’T LIE! I did it this afternoon… Where do we set the boundaries? how do we keep the romance throughout the relationship? Then there is the issue of technology and the long distance relationship (ahemmm what I’m going through) does it help or hurt?? Now any of my friends can tell you I am obsessed with social networking (look at me its 10:22 on a  FRIDAY and i am sitting at my computer). So to help my sanity and hopefully my relationship I am going to work on some simple rules regarding technology. If anyone else tried them out let me know how it goes!!

1. Make an effort to have face time-

  • Schedule a date night where you both leave your phones at home.
  • For long distance relationships Skype time works well it’s a piece of technology but allows you to talk and look at a person.


  • THis might be the hardest for some of us. Just stop doing it. don’t get jealous of your significant other “friending” people of the opposite sex or a strange post. Just remember to have trust.
  • Don’t read too far into things you do see. Everyone has friends… if you are really concerned trust in your relationship and ASK. but don’t ask too much that makes things a whole lot worse TRUST ME!!!


  • sounds silly but keep some privacy for yourself and let him have some too. If he really loves you and he is serious about the relationship TRUST HIM.

4. Enjoy your relationship in person.  if you do text keep the same sweetness you had when you first started dating. but remember spend time together with the rest of the world turned off for a while.


Happy weekend! 🙂



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