smaller plates, smaller waist? I’m game…


From the day I was born my mother used food to help me calm down or stop crying. Seriously- everyone of my baby pictures is with me cover in chocolate chip mint ice-cream OR gumming pizza crust or a hunk of Italian bread. She would give me ice-cream when I was upset or stressed out. Food in an Italian family is not just something you have to do to live, it is a way of life. So naturally going into this very stressful time if moving and going back to school I am going to need some serious will power to keep down my eating habits….or will I?

“Most of us have too much chaos going on in our lives to consciously focus on every bite we eat, and then ask ourselves if we’re full. The secret is to change your environment so it works for you rather than against you,” Wansink said

Eating is just a part of my life. I can not cut it out I’ve tried to change it but its just makes me miserable and “hangry” yes i get VERY angry when I am hungry…

So an alternative that I am going to try is to CHANGE how i eat in terms of the containers it is in. I am going to go to Wal-Mart and buy small cups and small bowls. I will drink more in small cups and eat less in small bowls. Basically this article shows how you can trick your mind into thinking you are eating a lot since you can’t rely on your tummy to tell you, you are full…



2 thoughts on “smaller plates, smaller waist? I’m game…

    • Hi! No I have not tried Paul McKenna. I am not too sure about hypnosis. I also don’t know if it would be the best method for a lifestyle change. I don’t really need to lose weight I just need to adjust my lifestyle to be healthier. I’ll look into it tho for maybe some motivation help or stress relief tips. Thanks for the suggestion!!!

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