My embarrassing little habit

I’ll admit it….I have a horrible habit…

I actually have quite a few but one has become more painfully obvious in the past few months. My girlfriends think it is funny and my coworkers especially one that I have become close with in the past few weeks can relate.  It’s embarrassing, has caused me to have to slip out of rooms at parties in shame and made situations painfully uncomfortable for all parties involved. It happens to me at the most inappropriate times and typically offends people.

I am a bark laugher.

I know what you are thinking. What in the world is a bark laugher?

So let me explain:

The Bark Laugh: a laugh that literally comes from somewhere deep inside and builds up to the point of eruption from the mouth and vocal cords. An uncontrollable, painfully loud cackle that makes anyone within a 50 yard radius wake up with ringing ears the next day. My mothers worst nightmare. a source of entertainment for all of my friends who know when its coming, the main reason my father lost all his hair. 

It’s horrible.

It usually happens in large groups as mentioned before. For example:

I went to visit my friend and her fiance at their new house. We all went to a BBQ with some of his friends from highschool so i didn’t know ANYONE at all. I was just sitting around taking everything in when it started to rain. We all shuffled into the cramped kitchen and the group wanted to do a party shot (which I skipped since I volunteered to drive). they all were toasting to something to kick off the summer. I stood outside the circle because I was not part of the group of friends really.

It was your typically round of toast “hooray we just graduated and got jobs” “we are all back together again” and the we get to the source of this particular bark laugh. This girl is the girlfriend of one of the guy friends. No one really liked her. She was one of those fluffy girls who always says something that you have to stop and think “did she really just say that”

Her turn to toast. My friend shoots me a look because she knew what was about to come. I, however, was clueless. Then it came… I can’t remember exactly what was said but it was something along the lines of “im toasting to blue sky’s, rainbows and puppies” I could feel my friend’s eyes on me as the Bark spilled over my lips and caused the whole room to silence and just stare. You could hear a pin drop. Literally. Half the people at this point have not even been introduced to me yet and now they noticed there was someone else in the room. And she was barking. So I chug my beer and slip out of the room saying I have to go to the bathroom.

My friend slips into the bathroom with me, red-faced and holding back tears. She apparently was holding in a laugh too but she knew I would take care of it for her…we both sat there and laughed for a while.

This happens when people fall down, when someone does something that I think is humorous and when things get real awkward in social settings.

I have been blessed with this lovely habit and I have a feeling it is going to create a huge problem when I start my job as a pharmacist and have to deal with patients. God help us all….


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