My blackberry crashed…

Yep its true. The second day in my new place in a new state, where I have only been twice i woke up to a white screen of nothing. My blackberry crashed. Never heard of that happening before? Neither did the lady at Verizon. I brought my phone into her after driving around aimlessly looking for a Verizon retail store (at this point my internet was not set up yet so I had NO IDEA where to go) and this lady literally said “I have never seen a phone do this before”. Terrific.

But it was almost a blessing in disguise at this point. Ever look through the contacts in your phone? It’s like a string of past relationships old contacts and a lot of not so great memories. All wiped out for me. I usually feel guilty about deleting someone’s phone number; “what if I need something” or “maybe some day I’ll want to catch up” None of this will ever happen so I actually feel like I have just dumped all of my baggage off at the dumpster. Now there are a few contacts I wish I still had but the fact of the matter is these people will eventually text or call. And after the initial “who is this I lost all my numbers” it will all go back to normal.

So for me and my technology reliant life, i look at this as a fresh way to start over in my new place heading towards my new life. It seems funny how something so simple can be so relieving…


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