earthquakes, orientation, and happy hour specials- WHAT A DAY!


Today a magnitude 5.9 earthquake epicenter in Richmond VA rattles the east coast taking us already scared out of our mind P1 Pharmacy students sitting in orientation really start shaking in our seats!! My roommate and our neighbor were so spent by the time we got home that none of us felt like cooking but we could have used a drink for sure!! Happy hour at Chili’s is always a favorite. While it is a chain restaurant, they offer some pretty good half priced meals from 4-9pm!

Margaritas were half price and so were fajitas. I got the chicken fajita which comes with a sizzling tray with peppers an onions a pate of sour cream, salsa and guacamole. I also ordered myself a glass of wine but it was not half price. All in all I think we did pretty good for 15.00 and under tonight! What a perfect way to celebrate surviving day two of pharmacy school AND an earthquake!! Cheers!





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