What’s your style? do you like mine?


The type of clothes you are drawn to in the store defines your style. Are you drawn to trendy pieces, or classy cuts? Are you adventurous or relaxed? What ever  your style is there are great website out there that can help you look your best on a budget!! My style can be defined as casual, feminine, floral, girl lacy and soft. I also have a slit dark side where I am drawn to animal prints and high, high pumps. This has been a bit toned down in the recent years but what girl doesn’t like to show off her legs every once and while.

Accessories are all the rage right now and can be the best bet to spice up your tee-shirt and skinny jeans (which are way more affordable on a budget than designer clothes) to make you look expensive. check out my website site hosted by Set the trend to see my picks for fun accessories to vamp up your look. Let me know if you like what you see and if you would like to see something else. If you buy anything listed let me know how it turns out!!

Set the Trend My style accessories picks for the day!





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