Inside my closet!! Friday edition- Target Special

Hi All! Hope everyone is having a terrific Saturday and those of us who are on the east coast  are safe and dry!! This week I ventured into target in Winchester- They have soooo much more stuff here than they do in Philly! So of course I spent my food money for text week on a new outfit and accessories! (whoops!) So all of today’s deals are from Target! Check them out at!!

Tropical Mix Chiffon Pareo- $16.99
Merona Crop Pant- ( I found these on clearance at my store AND IN MY SIZE in a slightly darker denim) paid $8.98
Mossimo Women’s Micro rib tank- I got it in white $8.00
Flower Shell earrings $5.99- These I could not find on the website but! look for something similar in your closest Target Store!
Multicolored Shell bracelet $7.99 I could also not find these on the website but look in your store for this as well!!
Not a bad trip I would say. Please let me know if you find anything like this OR something else fun in a Target near you!!
Happy Weekend!

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