Body image: The skinny fat VS the runway model VS the athlete


Ever since I stopped pole vaulting I have been unhappy with what my body has turned into. I couldn’t understand why I didn’t have that “toned” look that I used to have. Well one clear indication was the 3 YEAR break I took from any sort of routine physical activity. My muscles started to lose mass and turn into fat (I am not saying that I look morbidly obese but I’m not the slim thin college girl I used to be.) and I also started to become more tired and lazy. 

So what did I do? Listen to all the fads and start eating less and doing more cardio of course! After taking some classes in pharmacy school I realized, well that’s just dumb. I love to eat and I loved to work out. So why was this going to work for me again? 1st your body needs food (the right foods) to function. 2nd cardio will help you LOSE fat but it will also not do a thing for your muscles and they will start to thin out too. Enter the emaciated sick looking thing girl who you just want to feed a Quarter pounder or two.

Plus my body would never look like that because if its genetic make up. So now what? I read an article I wanted to share that really snapped me back to reality. I felt the best AND looked my best when I was training for something. So, why not TRAIN like I was training for something.

For all the girls out there who are afraid to lift more than 5 pound weights because you don’t want to bulk up, have a read and get over it:

Skinny fat- From crossfit Southbay

And for everyone who thinks this is just a plug for their workout plan I can honestly say I DID look and feel my best when I was doing the scary hang cleans and squats and bench presses. Your not going to bulk up like a man unless you are shooting roids… 🙂

Happy training!




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