And easy but sophisticated art project

The image above is a piece of art that is selling for $50+ on the internet depending on the size, colors etc. With my tiny budget, that’s not realistic. So looking to get some creative release (and decorate my stark white apartment) I took a look at this and figured “Hey I can do that.” And let me tell you I have zero artistic ability at all; my brother got all of that.So here is what I did:

This is a little bit more of a modern take on the one you can get online (mainly because it is not designed for a kids room). And as scary as painting seems to some people this took very little artistic ability at all.

Ok so let’s get down to it. How do you make this in your own home:

What you will need:

  1. A canvas (what ever size you would like- your local craft store has a variety of sizes to choose from)
  2. Acrylic paints- Chose 4 that you will want to use for your “leaves” and then a a cream or vanilla color to take away some of the harsh white of the canvas.
  3. A brown acrylic paint pen. (for the picture above was not able to locate a paint pen so I free-handed them-not as scary as you thing too)
  4. Circle stencil foam brushes
  5. A small foam painting brush

Getting started

  1. Paint the background of your canvas with the cream/vanilla color and let it dry
    Using your painting pen (or in this case, the foam brush and brown paint) draw on your “tree trunks” and let them dry.
  2. Then put your four colors on a piece of foil and start painting away!
  3. Here is what mine looked like after two colors:
  4. Just keep filling in circles until you are happy with the finished product! How easy was that?!

Piece of cake and all for around 17.00 total!

Time to get creative!

Happy crafting!




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