Is It True Love?



Is It True Love?.

if you are anything like me (and every other 20 something female out there) you sit and wonder if they guy you are with is “the one.” Is it true love? Is this finally the real deal?


I stumbled upon (yep started that site today) this post about true love and thought it was adorable and provide some good advise. Take a look and see!


Happy Weekend!





One thought on “Is It True Love?

  1. for me, as an honest and basically painfully honest self-loving person/woman in her late 20’s…from experience and (too many of them to to count at the moment) I find myself looking at the larger scale of things….which might seem minuscul to some, but mean a whole lot to me as an individual with needs…one: someone who appreciates healthy foods and will eat and ENJOY what I cool, 2. someone who isn’t afraid to hide their emotional side….someone who show tears, compassion and at least a solid shoulder to cry on and a sweet soft finger to wipe away the tears at the end of the day.( althought it won’t be veryday) 3. Great, beautiuful experimental and safe sex…someone who you are open enough to try new things with, enjoy the routine of other aspects of your sex life and still make it kinky and simply love the person’s entire body, enjoying their body is the first and most important thing of all. 4. communication. either by letters or by voice..eiher one counts as long as they act the same when you see them in person the next day…loving, sweet and happy to have you as company. 🙂 Love the site.

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