Last Minuet Gifts for him- Reinbeer!!

Sometimes the men in your life are the hardest to buy for. My brother is one of them. This year we agreed on no gifts between the two of us but clearly I couldn’t do that.

However I still am completely broke and had no idea what to get him. So I figured I would get him a case of beer. Well that’s boring. So I spiced it up a bit. SO if you are rushing to get that guy in your life a last min gift, why not give him


What you will need:

  1. A six-pack (or larger) of your guys favorite beer in bottles
  2. Brown pipe-cleaners
  3. Google eyes
  4. Red pom-poms or bells (I used the bells)
  5. Ribbon of your choice.
  6. Hot glue.

For this project I cut the pipe-cleaners in half because using one per antler made them too big to get back into the case.

Arrange the eyes and bell into a reindeer face and add the antlers in the back with the hot glue. You can add the ribbon for a scarf or not.

And that’s it! Problem solved!

These would also work out really well for a small holiday party at your house. I’m sure everyone will get a real big kick out of them 🙂

Happy Holidays!



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